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New additions.
Tromba d’Albenga is a giant Italian squash. Not only is it huge, it tastes amazing too and will store for the whole winter.
Companion planting is a common practice hear at Wholelife. Marigolds deter aphids and help us produce Masse's of beautiful tomatoes.
Echinacea flowers are not only beautiful, they are great in tea's to fight against the common cold. #Herbalmedicine #Devon #wholelifefarm #echinacea
A very cool view of North Devon.
We cut out all of the half bricks so that the concrete has something to tie to.
Damming up the stream with the holiday club.
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Fern. She is a seven and a half week old Spinger x Cocker and will be our new therapy dog. She is very cute and very lively.
This year we are growing a variety of sweet and chili peppers. These are the first to be transplanted. Ox-horn sweet pepper and the legendary Naga Ghost chili pepper, one of the worlds hottest peppers!

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